Basic Information on the Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center


Aims and Objectives
The Swiss Gastro-intestinal Center is part of the Inselspital in Bern and has set itself the objective of providing the highest level of medical care in the treatment of gastro-intestinal and liver diseases.
State-of-the-Art Medical Care
In the field of state-of-the-art medical care, this Center is already one of the leading clinics in the world. This standard will be further reinforced by major research and development projects and the revision of organisational structures and interdisciplinary cooperation, and constantly updated in accordance with the latest developments in the field.
  Combined Care from Specialist Physicians in the Fields of Internal Medicine and Surgery
The Swiss Gastro-intestinal Center is the first clinic in Switzerland to operate an interdisciplinary ward in which specialists in internal medicine and surgery take care of the patients together. In this way, the patients receive integrated care and the best possible treatment is guaranteed.
Services of the highest Standard
State-of-the-art medicine does not only mean that the medical care is of the highest standard. All our services should be organised in such a way that the individual patient feels the benefit.
  Patient Satisfaction
The patient decides whether a form of treatment meets his or her needs. The most brilliant surgery is only effective if the other factors, such as medical advice, nursing, and care also meet the highest standards of quality. In order better to fulfil these demands in future, we are in the process of introducing a comprehensive quality management system. The measure of our success is the satisfaction and feeling of well-being of our individual patients. In future, we will be doing all we can to ensure that our patients receive personal treatment and care which is tailored to their requirements.
Cooperation with Private Hospitals
As we would like to be able to respond to the individual needs of our guests, we have made arrangements to work in cooperation with a private hospital in Bern for some specific kinds of surgery. In such cases the patients are cared for by a surgical team of the Inselspital. This way our patients have the choice when undergoing certain operations of taking advantage of the exclusive atmosphere of a private hospital.
  Detailed Information on the Condition and its Treatment
In addition, all patients should be given precise information on the exact procedure to be carried out and the risks of the treatment. This is an essential precondition if patients themselves are to be able to decide on the most appropriate course of treatment.
Humanity and Warmth
In providing the best in medical services, our nursing staff above all must play a significant role. Thanks to the commitment, humanity and warmth that they bring day in day out, our patients in the Swiss Gastro-intestinal Center can endure their illnesses in the greatest possible comfort.