Competent. Friendly. Interdisciplinary Care

Care of Patients
All our efforts are geared towards guaranteeing our patients the best possible treatment and making your stay in our clinics as pleasant as possible
Thanks to the high professional competence of our doctors, our scientific research and the knowledge gained from it, and our state-of-the-art equipment, we can provide you with medical services which rank with the best available in the world.
We set great store by making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable, as this provides the best possible basis for the healing process.
At the Inselspital, major importance is attached to friendliness as an essential element of good medical care.  
We are the first center in Switzerland to do away with the traditional separation of internal medicine and surgery. Our specialists from these two medical fields treat the same patients as an interdisciplinary team, with the result that it is now possible to offer a higher level of care to our patients and also to pursue new goals in the field of research.