How to find the Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center

The Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center is part of the Inselspital in Bern.  
How to reach the Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center
- Internationally by air
- By car
- By train
- By public transport or by taxi
- Site plan within the Inselspital
Internationally by Air
In Bern-Belp Airport, Bern possesses a small but efficient link to the whole world. There are direct flights to Bern-Belp from Europe's most important cities. A shuttle bus runs between the airport and Bern's main station. You can travel direct from the airport to the Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center by taxi. For more information, see:
Bern can also be reached via the international airports at Zurich Kloten, Geneva Cointrin or Basle Mulhouse.  
These airports have regular train connections to the main station in Bern. For a train timetable, see  
By Car
Bern is situated in the centre of Switzerland and can be reached from most other Swiss cities via the A1 motorway in one to two hours.
On reaching Bern, take the Bern-Forsthaus motorway exit (on the road from Bern to -Lausanne/ Geneva or Bern to Murten), from where the route to the Inselspital is not only clearly signposted, but the Inselspital, where the Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center is located, is clearly visible from a distance.  
By Train
Bern can be conveniently reached by train from many cities in neighbouring countries (Paris, Milan, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna etc.) and of course from any Swiss city. For further information, see
By public transport or by taxi  
Take the No.11 bus (in the direction of the Güterbahnhof) from the main station, or take a taxi (journey time 5 mins. approx.). For information on the timetable etc., see  
Site Plan of the Inselspital  
Report to reception at the Inselspital. There the staff will be pleased to give you information and show you the way to the Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center.