The Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center is part of Bern's Inselspital, which enjoys an excellent reputation both in Switzerland and internationally, thanks to the highly specialised medical care which it offers.  

On the left the main hospital tower, on the right the Children's Hospital.

The main entrance is located between these two buildings.

Trusted by the People
The popularity of the Inselspital is founded on the enormous confidence people and doctors making referrals have in the quality of treatment and care on offer, the competence of its staff and the efficiency of its services
Services, Science and Training
The Inselspital is the workplace of doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers, university students and students at its own education center, engineers, technicians, planners, and tradespersons, caterers and administrative staff - all of whom have the goal of providing patients with the very best in medical and nursing services, and making your stay in hospital as pleasant as possible.
Communication and Cooperation
In order to make the best possible use of the considerable potential that the Inselspital possesses, major importance is attached to achieving excellent communication processes and the widest range of contacts within the Inselspital. The more specialised the practice of medicine becomes, the greater the importance of mutual cooperation and rapid communication
Working together for the benefit of the patients
The individual clinics, institutes, laboratories and sections at the Inselspital are divided into 9 departments which guarantee that every patient can benefit from all the forms of medical treatment available at the hospital.

Interdisciplinarity - comprehensive medical care
At the Inselspital, interdiscipinary medical care in the truest sense of the term is possible - which means that every medical section is involved in the care of patients. A good example of this is the Swiss Gastro-Intestinal Center, where care is based on the interdisciplinary cooperation of the following sections:
- Gastroenterology (the part of internal medicine concerned with diseases of the digestive system)
- Visceral Surgery (surgery relating to the organs of the digestive system.)

When required, additional specialists from other medical fields can be called in, such as:
- Oncology (field of medicine which deals with the study of tumours);
- Haematology (study of the blood and blood cells);
- Endocrinology (study of the glands producing internal secretions);
- Diabetology;
- Neuroradiology.


More information on the Inselspital, its individual departments, their services, clinics, sections and centers can be found on: